Introducing Advanced Offer Payout

Sometimes simple, flat payout and revenue amounts may not be enough for you for some offers. What if you got to pay different payout amount by different countries, different devices, different affiliates or sub affiliates?

Introducing for the first time, OfferHubs very own Advanced Offer Payouts where in such cases you can use offer payout groups to define such amounts.

Let’s say you’ve an offer which looking for conversions from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. At the moment the advertiser pays the same amount $1.00 per conversions for all the countries.

But today he informed you that now onward they only pay $0.90 for conversions coming from the United Kingdom while others stays the same as early. In that case, you can create an offer payout group to match conversions coming from United Kingdom which will apply newer revenue amount advertiser offers and newer payout amount we offer to affiliates.

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