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OffersHub FAQ

Can’t find an answer? email us your questions to support@offershub.com

You can manually create affiliates/publishers in your system by going to Affiliates Create Affiliates. Alternatively, affiliates/ publishers can sign up through your public sign-up page (yournetworkID.offershub.com/register/affiliate).

Each sub ID can hold up to 500 characters.

Indeed, simply place the two pixels on the thank you page and one of them will record a conversion upon what the client has set in their tracking cookie. Best practice is to just utilize one pixel/ iFrame for every conversion page, in light of the fact that the conversion is only recorded for the active offer’s cookie.

Yes. The information in a sub ID is linked to a given conversion, not to an advertiser.

We recommend putting the offer pixel code right after the opening body tag in the page’s HTML.

Server postback tracking and image pixel/ iFrame based tracking are both attribution methods in OffersHub. Image pixel/ iFrame based tracking depends on the browser cookies to store OffersHub session identifier and track conversions. In server postback tracking, OffersHub and the advertiser convey the session identifier via server-to-server requests.

The traffic referrals report only records clicks with referral URLs set. Clicks without referral URLs are not shown in the traffic referrals report. So if clicks in the stats report don’t match clicks in the traffic referrals report, then not all of your partner traffic has referral URLs.

It’s standard that about 80% of traffic doesn’t have a referral URL. This can be much higher if your users have additional security settings in place, or if the traffic is from an ad network or partner that hides their traffic URLs.

Absolutely! You can compare all our plans and simply fill out a small form and put in your details to Request a demo account.

If you are a paid subscriber to our service, yes you can reopen your account with us! As long as you want to reactivate within 90 days of cancellation. Also if you were only using the trial service unfortunately you won’t be able to reactivate your service with your old stats and info.

An email address being used by another client is considered to be invalid. In case you’re running into this issue, use an alternate email address for the new or updated account.

Or maybe you are using an invalid email address format, make sure you are using the example@email.com format.

Yes! of course we do, you can mention that on an email to support@offershub.com or just tell us through Skype.

If you are experiencing trouble logging in or if you get logged out during a session it might be because of our upgraded security settings. Locking sessions to a particular IP address keeps your session from being hijacked by someone else attempting to sign in to your account from a different PC.

You can login using your unique network URL (NETWORKID.offershub.com).