OffersHub Success Story: Vendmob

Vendmob is a Hongkong based leading mobile monetization and marketing platform worldwide that provides mobile publishers and advertisers with end-to-end technology solutions for premium monetization and high-ROI user growth, focusing on mobile subscription/VAS/mobile content CPA offers with global coverage.

Previous Challenges:

Last year in February 2023, they shifted to us because they were facing some issues in their previous panel. They want so see real-time data, want flexibility in payments and a dedicated customer support. Since starting their Offershub journey, there has been no turning back.

How Offershub Helped Vendmob:

We’ve resolved those challenges, and now they enjoy real-time conversion tracking. We’re dedicated to maintaining a strong partnership and providing the best support possible.

Most Helpful Features of Offershub:

Flexible Payment Method: It is difficult for them to stick to a set plan because of the fluctuating traffic. Offershub tackles this by providing flexible payment options and recommending plan modifications according to changing traffic conditions that will save expenses appropriately.


Live Dashboard: They have the concern that they can see the exact time when a conversion happens. We have resolved this by our Live Dashboard feature which enables them to show live conversions of hours, minutes, and even seconds.


Dedicated Customer Support: Understanding their need for a dedicated account manager, we assisted with their daily inquiries, covering areas like click logs, postback setup, conversion tracking, and more.

Reporting Filters: They want multiple filtering options to view data in more efficient way. We have provided more then 50+ filtering options like categories, source ids, geo, CR, CPC, Time zone, time interval and many more.

To sum up, the smooth collaboration between Offershub and Vendmob is evidence of the revolutionary power that a strong affiliate tracking system can have for companies. With improved tracking features, Vendmob is expected to grow even more, and we anticipate seeing more success stories and the continuous development of affiliate marketing tactics.

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