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Trackier Winner
$299/month $99/month
Free Trial
24/7 Live Support
Dedicated Account Manager
IM Support
2 Way API
Targeting Moderate Level Advanced Level
Advanced Team Management
Affiliate API
Affiliate Link Checker Extra Charges
Affiliate Management
Affiliate Tracking
Affiliate, Advertiser & Campaign Management
Alert system
Analytics / ROI Tracking
Anti Fraud Basic Fraud Prevention Advanced Fraud Prevention
API integrations Free
Automate Offer Optimization
Auto Suspend
Banner Management
Campaign Automation
Click logs
Commission Management
CPC, CPA, CPI, CPS, CPL etc Tracking
CR Automation Advanced Level
Custom Domain
Email Communication with Affiliate
End-to-end API
Fraud Detection and Prevention Basic
Full-cycle Impression Tracking
In-House Fraud Detection Basic Fraud Prevention
Landing Pages / Web Forms
Login as Publisher
Multiple Currencies
Bitcoin Support
Multiple Goals
Multiple Languages
Multi-User Access
Period of API Feed Update
Personal Cap and PO
Publisher Interface
Real-time Statistics
Smart Links
SSL support
Unlimited Custom Domains
White-label Solution
Complete Migration Package
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