Smart Links – Optimize Unnecessary Traffic

OffersHubs brand-new feature Smart Link is available now. We’ve been working on this for quite a while now to make your performance marketing easier and smarter. Taking the highest EPC into consideration, OffersHub Smart Link turns affiliates into money makers with the advanced algorithm.

OffersHub’s unique AI-powered smart link allows you to generate maximum revenue by each click you receive by redirecting them to the most suitable and profitable offers with higher conversion rates.

What Are Smart Links?

Smart Link is an Artificial Intelligence Hyper-Optimization Technology, it is a link containing various types of offers in it.

“Smart Link” is a URL where you can send any kind of traffic and the network filters the different traffic segments to the relevant valid offers accordingly. See the magic?

How does Smart Links increase your revenue?

Smart Link has started replacing static links. Smart links work by using an algorithm that decides which offer is shown for each specific user according to the filters set.

The algorithm takes data about which user converts on what offer, analysis it, and uses this data to send visitors to an offer that is most likely to convert the user. Basically, you are assuring that every click will be monetized and none will get lost along the way, due to possible incorrect Geo/device/operator etc. filtering.

As an example , if there are some traffic that are not from your targeted country list for that offer it will be directed to another corresponding offer which requires clicks from that specific country.

Basically in the end saving that traffic instead of sending it to a dead end which would cause you to lose profit.

If the algorithm notices a particular offer performs well in France, then it will automatically send more French visitors to that offer. This ensures that an affiliate will get the best results from his traffic without a doubt.

What are the other benefits you can expect by using OffersHubs unique AI-powered Smart Links?

  1. Never Offline : If you use Smart Links I can assure you that not a single click will go to an offline offer. Once an offer is down, the system will detect it and immediately disable the offer. Some offers even have limited availability, for example because of a volume cap.
  2. Reduced Operational Cost : With OffersHubs unique AI-powered smart links you can do a lot more with less manual involvement, hence reducing a lot of operational cost.
  3. Artificial Intelligence : Algorithms behind Smart link can be more or less optimized, can implement such options like deep targeting (users who didn’t react to your ads the first time are not shown the ad the second), re marketing, look-alike audiences and more!

Smart Link types

  • Global Smart Link
    • This is a default smart link managed by OffersHub that automatically adds all the offers in your system.
  • Custom Smart Links
    • You can create custom Smart Links for the offers of your preference. You can create a new smart group and add whatever the offers you want in their and easily generate the smart link in one click.

Still having second thoughts despite all these fascinating features? Give our 1 month free trial a try and see the magic for yourself, Click Here to signup for our free trial.

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