How Acotel Interactive Inc Scaled their ROI over the roof (63%) with OffersHub

Acotel Interactive INC is a web and mobile media company dedicated to web and mobile services for the global market.

The company is known for introducing new technologies and business models to value added services (VAS). Introduced in 2002 with 18 years of experience behind them, the company incorporates industry experts, pioneering technology, and proven success cases..

18 Years in the market

Offices in USA and Italy

6M USD Annual Revenue

The Challenges

  1. Acotel Interactive Inc were looking for a reliable, scalable, and robust platform with a proven fraud prevention system. When they found Offershub they were already testing four other systems pretty thoroughly, however, none of them met their needs.
  2. Conversing with Offershub Acotel Interactive Inc shared their concerns related to the features they had a demand for, particularly they were narrow targeting, extended campaign reports, transparent and detailed analytics, intuitive, easy-to-use interface.
  3. Furthermore Acotel Interactive Inc shared their concerns about the platforms that they have used earlier which were very complicated and the interface not being not so user friendly.


When Acotel Interactive Inc portrayed their necessities, Offershub guaranteed that they could give all the requested features in which some we even went ahead and completed some custom feature requests to match their needs. During the free trial period, Acotel Interactive Inc understood that OffersHub undoubtedly had all they required to succeed.

OffersHub offered its platform with a number of features needed for daily campaign management.

The main game changers for Acotel Interactive Inc were,

Very User Friendly & Customizable Interface
Multiple Landing Page Integration and Weightage distribution
Rule Based PO feature
Accurate Built in Fraud Protection
Reliable & Fast Customer Service
Cross Data Center Server Reduced Latency


Very visible business growth

It didn’t take long to see the results. Acotel Interactive Inc saw a substantial increase in the ROI – it bounced up by at least 63% making it possible to reinvest into dependable partners, which brought in overall profit boost on various occasions.

More reliable and accurate tracking

With OffersHubs fully automated system which comes bundled with many features including clickless tracking, your e-commerce affiliate tracking Acotel Interactive Inc was able to maximize and reach their potential.

Stable and much faster operational process owing to dedicated managers and technical support team

With Offershub professional support team who cares about their clients and continue doing their best to make their clients happy and content. With their prompt assistance, Acotel Interactive Inc had the option to set the accounts and adjust settings altogether quicker than at other platforms. Offershub Customer Success team surely satisfies its customers while providing business advice on how to increase campaign ROI.

Offershub is truly one of the best if not the very best performance marketing platforms currently on the market. The unlimited number of resources and the set of tools onboard with the pricing policy as the cherry on top makes it unbeatable. Overall what I like the most is their willingness to not only listen to their clients but also implementing our request in a short period of time. If any would ask for my suggestion then without a doubt i’d like to recommend OffersHub to them.
Juan Jose Huerta
CEO Acotel Interactive Inc