How Ad Blockers Are Affecting Affiliate Tracking

We always try to cover the latest and emerging topics related to affiliate marketing weekly. So this week we want to throw some light on Ad-Blockers and will be talking around this only in our today’s blog post. So let’s start with knowing what exactly an ad-blocker is?

What is an ad-blocker?

Ad blockers are mainly browser extensions or plugins that can stop many sorts of advertisements from appearing on websites, such as pop-ups, banners, and video advertisement. Ad blockers have grown in popularity in recent years, with an increasing number of users using them to block website advertisements. This may be good news for users who don’t want to be overloaded with ads. Still, it’s also bad news for advertisers and publishers who depend on ads to create income. 

So, how do ad blockers affect affiliate tracking?

The affiliate tracking code might not activate when a user accesses a website with an ad blocker activated. Therefore, advertisers may be unable to effectively track the effectiveness of their campaigns, and publishers may not be paid for referrals. In other words, ad blockers can make it challenging for publishers and advertisers to effectively track the performance of their campaigns. 

Consequences of Ad- Blockers on Affiliate Business

1) Revenue loss: Because users who have installed ad blocking are not shown ads, this practise can dramatically lower a publisher’s income.

2) Monitoring challenges: Ad blocking makes it challenging for advertisers to estimate the actual success of their marketing programs.

3) Lower reach and brand awareness: Ad blocking can restrict the audience for an advertisement, resulting in a smaller reach and loss of corporate image for advertisers.

4) May leads to increase in market expenditure: Publishers may be required to make an expensive investment in ad-blocking detection tool which will increase the total marketing expenditure.

How to prevent your campaigns from Ad-blockers?

Let us tell you few ways by which you can prevent your ad-campaigns from ad-blockers:-

1) Native Advertising:- Native ads are those ads which gets blended with the content on a website, making them less likely to be blocked by ad-blockers. Through this affiliate marketers may make sure that their ads are still visible by users even when they are using ad blockers.

2) Valuable and Engaging Content:- Focusing on creating useful content that persuades consumers to visit their website or click on links is another method affiliate marketers may respond to the problem of ad-blockers.

3) Use of some Anti-Ad-Blocker Tool:- When an ad-blocker is activated, anti-adblocker tool can recognise it and provide consumers other ad forms that are less likely to be blocked.


Ad-blockers are nowadays used by massive people because nobody wants to waste time on ads but this can become a huge problem for affiliate business in many ways. This kind of issue can be resolved by some technologies which either an advertiser or an affiliate can implement on their side and can prevent their ad campaigns from getting blocked. 

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