Bulk Upload Payouts For Multiple Geos

If you have an offer with various geo and having different payout for each geo then all you have to do is gather the offers from your advertiser in an excel file, complete with various geos and their corresponding payouts. From there, simply upload the file directly onto the Offershub Performance Tracking solution. The system will autonomously identify the geos and their payouts, adapting its operations accordingly.

Here’s the step by step guide for uploading the bulk payout in Offershub Tracking solution.

Step 1: Go to manage offers under Offer tab and select your offer.

Step 2: On Offer page, click on payout structure.

Step 3: Here you can see an option of Bulk Upload the offers and click on upload country payouts CSV to upload your files.

Step 4: Now you can upload your file with country wise payouts and system will automatically fetch the different payouts along with their respective countries.

Now once the file is uploaded the offer page will show all the payouts that you are having for different different geos under this particular offer like this

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