Offer Classification

Advance Offer Classification Support

With this brand new feature users can now classify their offers based on the channel (mobile, dekstop/web, tv), OS, incentive, vertical, conversion type and media placement.

This will make it easy for you and your partners to find offers they are looking for quicker than usual. This will also strengthen the OffersHub AI to suggest more accurate offers and improve smart link performances for more revenue.

In "Offer Create" option
 In offer filters, admin dashboard and affiliate dashboard 

Classifications are grouped preset labels you can apply to offers, publishers, and advertisers in your network. You can have up to 300 of each classification type in your network:

  • Channels
    • Offer channel, such as mobile, desktop, tv ,etc
  • Operating systems
    • supported operating system. ex: Adnroid/ iOS
  • Incentive
    • Offer incent or non-incent
  • Verticals
    • Offer vertical. predefined Verticals: Adult, Automotive, Biz Opp, Casino/ Gambling, Coupons, Dating, Downloads/ Software, Education, Entertainment, Fashion, Finance, Forex, Games, Health & Beauty, Home improvements, Insurance, Legal, Lifestyle, Music, Other, Real Estate/ Mortgage, Shopping, Sports, Sweepstakes, Travel, Utilities.
  • Conversion types
    • The conversion type of offers. Such as app install, form submit, download, Lead gen etc… all fields are pre-defined.
  • Media placements
    • Supported media placements, eg: banners, popup…

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