New Additions – Jan 3rd Week

Another week, another new feature added to our platform once again, oh wait it’s not just one, it’s two!

Private Payout Groups

Sometimes simple, flat payout and revenue amounts may not be enough for you for some offers. What if you got to pay different payout amount by different countries, different devices, different affiliates or sub affiliates? In such cases you can use offer payout groups to define such amounts.

Well yeah that sounds cool but what if you want to do something like that and want your affiliate not to see it? that you’ve set such payouts? With this hot new feature “Private Payout Groups” you can achieve that. If you are using OffersHubs platform you are in luck! if not well we highly suggest that you switch. Learn more

Google Ads Parallel Tracking Support

Google Ads is one of the main pay-per-click advertising platforms online (Every second, there are 2.3 million searches performed on Google, and the majority of search results pages include Google ads.), and now you can set up your partner tracking links from OffersHub to work with Ads in few easy steps. Learn more

Still having second thoughts despite all these fascinating features? Give our 1 month free trial a try and see the magic for yourself, Click Here to signup for our free trial.

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