Promo Codes: Tracking Influencer Campaigns

Clickless Tracking With Promo Code Support

Now we support clickless tracking with promo code support. This helps you to track clicks by your social media influencers. You can give a promo code to people and they can share the promo code on there social media channels. And when someone use that promo code to signup, we can track that conversion.

What Is Clickless Tracking?

Clickless tracking is an approach to attribute conversions without requiring the customer to click on a tracking link.

One of the most common examples of clickless tracking is the promo code. Promo codes, which are also known as vanity codes, discount codes, and referral codes, are perfect for measuring campaigns where tracking links are ineffective or impossible to use.

Let’s say you want to promote your product using a post on Instagram, YouTube series or with an influencer that is popular with users in your desired demographic. Simply add them as an affiliate in your OffersHub platform and create a promo code for the offer you want them to promote. Now the host or influencer can read your ad, direct users to your website, and instruct them to enter the given promo code at checkout. All conversions using this promo code will now be attributed to that affiliate without requiring link tracking.

With clickless tracking, the promo code acts like an affiliate tracking link, letting the advertiser know exactly which influencer drove which conversion. And because promo codes are not restricted to a specific link on a website or app, they offer advertisers valuable access to scale.

Promo Code Basics

While popular with marketers for measuring influencer campaigns, promo codes can be used virtually anywhere that advertising exists (given you have the technology to implement them). This includes online platforms, offline media, and anything in between. That makes promo codes infinitely adaptable, and allows them to open up additional marketing channels for any advertiser or affiliate program. 

Examples of channels where promo codes can be used to track conversions:

  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • podcasts
  • brick-and-mortar stores
  • billboards
  • magazines
  • radio
  • TV

Influencers specifically are fans of promotion codes since they are stage rationalist, making them ideal for cross-channel advancement. An influencer can utilize the equivalent promotion code in an Instagram feed, an email impact, and a YouTube video, and effectively track conversions over every one of those channels, notwithstanding the distinction in how their fans expend every medium and message.

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