Send Bulk Campaign Briefs Automatically

Dear Readers, Do you know that the Mass Mailer and Mail Alerts feature on the OffersHub panel, will just not help you to send bulk mails to your affiliates, advertisers, or account managers? It will also help you with automated engagement, real-time updates, and streamlined communications.

Let’s dive into the topic and know how it can play a magical role in your affiliate campaigns:

Automated Affiliate Engagement

Our Mass Mailer keeps your affiliates up to date. Send out daily, weekly, and monthly alerts with new, top, and highlighted deals automatically.

Real-time Insights, Real-time Decisions

Mail Alerts keep you in the loop. Receive instant notifications about new offers, offer capping, cap reach, pause recommendations, and more.

Effortless Collaboration

Bulk mail your affiliates, advertisers, and account managers. You can share crucial details like invoices, offerings, and reports effortlessly fostering collaboration.
Technical Empowerment

To customize your messages, use dynamic tags, HTML customization, and API connectors. Integrate with CRM systems to optimize communication workflows.

If you have any problems or want assistance in configuring such features, please contact our support staff.

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