Traffic-back URL – Make Money From Remnant Traffic

Is Your Advertiser Making Money From Your Remnant Traffic?

Yes, you heard it right. Everyone talks about Smartlink and how it is beneficial for monetizing waste traffic for other offers, but nobody knows the Trafficback URL.

How Smartlinks Help Your Advertiser in earning extra revenue?

Smart Links provide your advertiser the ability to use any remnant traffic you send their way for other offers. They can easily reroute that traffic to an offer if they have one that matches the OS, GEO, and device targeting.

How Trafficback URL can give you additional revenue?

This is where the game starts to go in your favor. You may take back any remnant traffic that was sent to your advertisers by using the Trafficback URL, and use it any way you see best. Users are forwarded to the Trafficback URL if in any way that doesn’t match the advertiser’s criteria. As a result, your traffic is never lost and you have the ability to monetize it for your other offers that target the same OS, GEO, and device.

You can use both trafficback URL and Smart links to generate extra money from remnant traffic.

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