What are the different ways to track affiliates’ conversions?

Affiliate marketing is the bedrock of today’s online marketplace. The global reach of affiliates promoting your products can manifold your revenue, whether you sell vacation packages, food, clothing, 

If affiliate marketing is vital to your business, tracking them is equally important. As an affiliate marketer, you may very well be aware of the hustle of managing never ending links. You can easily find hundreds of software to track them but do you know which method they are using to track your affiliate? This is the main question you need to ask before subscribing to an affiliate tracking software.

Here are a few tracking protocols and methods that are used to track the performance of affiliates:- 

  1. Server-to-Server Protocol:- This is the most reliable protocol for tracking affiliate conversions. It consists of a URL that will send conversion from the Advertise’s server by replacing the click id you have sent via the tracking URL. The servers record and then pass the transaction ID back to Offershub. This method is independent of the user’s browser. 
  1. IFrame Pixel:- This pixel is inserted into the target page as an iFrame. When the conversion is finished, it flashes. The conversion is recorded in the statistics as a lead. Please note that HTTP and HTTPS iFrame pixels are for client-based tracking with the use of cookies. The HTTP iFrame pixel is the industry standard for tracking conversions. Use the HTTPS iFrame pixel for offers that use SSL encryption. iFrame pixels are the recommended tracking options as they provide a robust facility for affiliates to track conversions in their own third-party systems. If the HTTPS iFrame pixel is selected, all affiliate pixels for the offer are required to be HTTPS. 
  1. Image Pixel:- It is a tiny code that is typically hidden and included in anything from emails to banner adverts. The most common usage of these pixel types is tracking lead forms, commerce sales, etc. Advertisers put this pixel code on their order/lead confirmation page or thank you page. So once a visitor reaches those pages after a successful sale or lead submission, they can track the conversion using this pixel. This need to be placed at code directly or via GTM inside <body> tag. You can use any type of image pixel either HTTP or HTTPS but please remember if an HTTPS image pixel is selected, all publisher pixels for the offer are required to be HTTPS and vice versa. 

You can select any of these tracking protocols according to your requirements. Offershub supports all these three methods to track your affiliate campaigns.

Here you can find and select these protocols:- 


Generally, Server to server protocol is used to track conversion in CPI and CPA campaigns. It is also used by the Crypto and Gambling industry for tracking their affiliates. Iframe and Image pixels are used where conversion includes eCommerce and shopping activity. It is also used in nutraceuticals(COD) product affiliate campaigns.

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