Here’s the deal – MMPs are the superheroes of mobile app attribution, but when it comes to partner program management, they’re not exactly the Avengers 😉

MMP may be used to add individual partners, send links, and track their success, it cannot handle other operations that are essential to operating a program. This is where your Partner Marketing Platform (PMP) comes into play.

How To Know When To Use MMP and When To Use PMP?

It’s very simple if you have a mobile application or maybe you are running user acquisition campaigns then you can go for MMP and for getting more detailed insights and the above services you can integrate your MMP with your PMPs as well.

Benefits of PMP that are Unavailable in MMPs-
Invoicing and Payments Simplified –

You can automate invoice creation for partners, ensure payment conditions are met, and manage tax documentation, instantly streamlining the whole invoicing and payment process.

Streamlined Conversion Management –

In a nutshell, PMPs provide rapid permission for installs, lower clawbacks, permit immediate link deactivation, block and auto block affiliates/sub-affiliates, and support custom discount codes, providing effective traffic control.

Effective Partner Management –

With PMPs, you can appoint partner managers and categorize partners systematically through tagging, categorizing, enabling simplified and personalized administration for each collaboration.

Payout Management –

PMPs allow you to give payouts (CPI, CPA, CPS, rev-share) according to various events (deposit, install, registration, etc), goods, devices, specific partners, countries, partner’s performance, etc., and eliminate the hindrance of maintaining spreadsheets.

Email Updates –

You can communicate with partners and offer information on campaign adjustments and approvals which will keep partners up to date.

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