OffersHub Success Story: DigitalSpires

Company Overview

DigitalSpire is a leading digital marketing agency specializing in performance-based marketing solutions. They work with a diverse range of clients to enhance their digital presence and drive high-quality traffic to their offers. We recently had an open discussion with an Advertising Sales Head from Digitalspire. The following are some of the key points:

Key points

  1. The Offerhub team has given us true 24/7 support.
  2. The pricing structure of OffersHub is more consistent with DigitalSpire’s budgetary limitations.                            
  3. Delivering conversion data back to ad networks is made easier with the Offershub postback tool.

Previous Challenges Before Using OffersHub

Before integrating OffersHub into its operations, DigitalSpire faced several significant challenges:


  1. Technical Support Issues: DigitalSpire needed more support from their previous tech team platform. The lack of responsive and effective technical assistance often led to extended downtimes and delayed campaign launches.
  2. High Costs: The pricing models of the previous platform were not cost-effective. DigitalSpire found themselves spending excessively on service consumption without seeing a proportional return on investment.
  3. Lack of Customization: Due to the lack of customized plans, DigitalSpire was unable to effectively optimize their campaigns. They were unable to scale and innovate because the one-size-fits-all strategy did not address their unique needs.

How OffersHub Helped DigitalSpire

Since switching to OffersHub, DigitalSpire has experienced significant improvements in several key areas:

  1. Excellent Support Team: OffersHub provides a dedicated and highly responsive support team. This has ensured that technical issues are resolved quickly, minimizing downtime and enabling DigitalSpire to maintain continuous operations.
  2. Reasonable Pricing: OffersHub’s pricing structure is more aligned with DigitalSpire’s budgetary limitations. The reasonable and competitive rates have allowed them to allocate resources more effectively, increasing overall profitability.
  3. Quick Customization: OffersHub’s ability to quickly customize plans and tools to meet DigitalSpire’s specific needs has been a game-changer. This flexibility has enabled them to optimize their campaigns better and respond rapidly to market changes.

Which Offershub features are the most valuable to you?

Out of all the things that OffersHub provides, DigitalSpire has found the following to be especially helpful:

  1. Tracking Link Management: This feature allows DigitalSpire to manage and track their campaign links efficiently. The strong tracking capabilities ensure accurate data collection and analysis, which is crucial for optimizing performance and ROI.
  2. Postback Tool: The postback tool provided by OffersHub is another favorite. It simplifies the process of sending conversion data back to ad networks, ensuring seamless integration and accurate tracking of user actions.
  3. Flexible Payment: Because of the unpredictable traffic, they find it challenging to follow a clear plan. Offershub addresses this by offering flexible payment choices and suggesting plan adjustments based on evolving traffic conditions that will effectively reduce costs.

Would you like to share with others about Offershub?

Indeed, without a doubt. Offershub has led our team in the finest way possible, and their determination and originality are what make them stand out from the competition.


Recap your Offershub experience

OffersHub has proven to be an invaluable partner for DigitalSpire. The enhanced support, cost-effective pricing, and flexible customization options have addressed their previous challenges effectively. With its powerful tracking link management and postback tools, DigitalSpire continues to deliver outstanding results for its clients, defining its position as a leader in the digital marketing space.

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