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Offershub provides customizable pricing plans and additional features that can be tailored to a company’s specific requirements. It also serves a suite of optimization tools and dedicated customer service which provides affiliates with a holistic solution for their affiliate tracking needs

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Why Offershub is best alternative for Affise!

A good affiliate tracking tool should not only be able to track your affiliates but also provide all the functionality required to do so, such as unlimited custom domains, mass mailer and automations, short links, etc. Offershub provides all of these features on a single platform, in contrast to Affise.

Unlimited Custom Domains

OffersHub allows you to change the primary domains and add as many domains as you want with no extra cost. Unlike other platforms, It allows users to set up different domains for individual publishers too.

Mass Mailing

Affiliates may use Offershub’s mass mailer and alert automation to improve their marketing processes, save time and money, and produce more income and conversions.

Short links, Payout Tiers, and Promo code tracking

Keeping this in mind Offershub has developed all these features in our panel where you can manage your affiliate marketing and influencer marketing campaigns with one software too at no additional cost.

Features Face-Off - Affise VS Offershub

  • Affise
  • Offershub 🏆
Features AffiseOffershub 🏆
Detailed Report Options
Real-time Tracking
Smart links & Grouping
2 Way API
User Friendly UI
Mass Mailer
Global Backup Url
Custom Domain OptionLimitedUnlimited
Promo Codes TrackingPaidFree
Short LinksPaidFree
Payout Tiers PaidFree
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When compared to alternative tracking solutions, Offershub provides various potential and competitive advantages. Check out what some of our customers have to say with these reviews.

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