Author: Firaz Nizar

June 3, 2020
Why Performance Marketing Software is the Future of Business

Influencers have dominated the online world with their presence and content. As a result, businesses have heeded their help in

May 11, 2020
Promo Codes: Tracking Influencer Campaigns

Clickless Tracking With Promo Code Support Now we support clickless tracking with promo code support. This helps you to track

April 18, 2020
New Additions – April Mid

Affiliate Dashboard Announcements Support Hope everybody's safe and sound with the current situation all around the world due to the

April 2, 2020
New Additions – April 1st Week

Advance Offer Classification Support With this brand new feature users can now classify their offers based on the channel (mobile,

March 26, 2020
Situation Update March 2020 – Covid 19

To all of our valued Partners, We wanted our dearest partners to know what is going on at OffersHub at

February 17, 2020
New Additions – Feb 3rd Week

Encrypted Tracking URL / Tracking URL Shortening Support With this brand new feature you can now hide your tracking URL

February 7, 2020
New Additions – Feb 1st Week

Updated Creative Manager. Now we support email, flash, html, banner, text and xml creatives ! If you’re looking to extend

January 27, 2020
New Additions – Jan 4th Week

It's a Monday, which means another new feature! Affiliate Account Balance In Real Time From today onward all OffersHubs clients

January 20, 2020
New Additions – Jan 3rd Week

Another week, another new feature added to our platform once again, oh wait it's not just one, it's two! Private

January 13, 2020
New Additions – Jan 2nd Week

This is what's up in 2020! Manually Approve Conversions for Selected Affiliates Did you ever want to approve conversions manually